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Having problems connecting to the WiFi in hospital accommodation?

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Looking for a quality and affordable communications solution?

Integrated Network Services Ltd. is a leading network installation and management company based in Cheshire, UK. Integrated Network Services (INS) are well developed and can adapt to fulfil any service you might need. We install and manage networks for many of the businesses at The Heath Business and Technical Park and Londoneast-UK Business and Technical Park, as well as for many independent businesses across the UK.

What services do we offer you?

Here at INS we take pride in our discrete installations, and we will leave your office space clean with either completely hidden, or if that is not possible, tidy looking cables (something that many other installers fail to remember to do).

INS is also very competent at installing internet connectivity solutions, so that your business can function at full speed. INS installs technology that allows clients in rural areas, very far from dedicated connection lines, to access the internet. We also manage the installation of dedicated ADSL and SDSL lines to a number of our clients, providing them with a reliable, high speed connection.

Hospital key-worker accommodation WiFi

INS provides WiFi connectivity for various hospital key-worker accommodation sites around the UK. We monitor the connections for reliability and provide a 9:00 – 17:00 telephone help desk. Also, for users who have missed the office hours, we have: Hospital Accommodation WiFi Troubleshooting page.

Cloud Applications

Here at INS we will help you to put your network infrastructure on the cloud, ensuring the changeover runs smoothly. We will also monitor your cloud to make sure it continues to run smoothly over time.


At INS we take security very seriously, as all business continuity minded people should do. From bad actors with malicious intent, to corporate espionage waged on the internet, all companies have to be prepared to defend against physical and cyber attacks. Who better to help you in the cyber space than INS with our vast wealth of experience?


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