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Hospital Accommodation WiFi Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for customers of hospital accommodation WiFi

Terms of Use & Disclaimer :

These terms of use are applicable when using the infrastructure and the websites offered by this wifi hotspot and its partners. The company website can be viewed at .

By using this network you accept these terms of use and you commit yourself to complying with these terms of use.

Neither this wifi hotspot or any manager or official of any  site where the user is visiting can be held liable for the contents of the site or its use, directly or indirectly. As such, this wifi hotspot does not make any undertaking and does not offer any guarantee in connection with the continuity of connectivity, the software, the products or the operation of the services offered on its website or via its repeater network access. Nor does this wifi hotspot guarantee the correctness of the information offered via its repeater network. This wifi hotspot has the right to modify the access stipulations and the information presented at any time. Any exoneration at the advantage of this wifi hotspot unconditionally applies to partners of this wifi hotspot.

This wifi hotspot network infrastructure, wifi receivers, wifi repeaters, digital phone service, software, firmware, and any other hardware purchased or leased from this wifi hotspot are designed and intended for recreational purposes only. This system is not intended or designed for mission critical applications and should not be relied upon to provide any form of communications or service that could jeopardize life, limb, property, job performance, school studies and deadlines or any other purpose for which you could be penalised for a failure in the system.


If links are established via this wifi hotspot with other sites – directly or via search engines – this wifi hotspot does not bear responsibility for the links, the contents or the existence of these other sites. This wifi hotspot has no control over the links, the contents or other features of these websites. Anyone using these search engines has to be aware that the internet can contain information which is illegal, unlawful or damaging and acknowledges that this wifi hotspot can not be held liable in any way for errors in addresses of websites or domain names on its sites.

Helpdesk :

The helpdesk is for customers who have this wifi hotspot repeaters and are having difficulties with their connection. This wifi hotspot cannot be held liable in any way for any discontinuities whilst providing the helpdesk to the users. Follow the instructions from the help desk explicitly. The sole purpose of the helpdesk is to assist customers in getting connected to their mobile wifi repeaters wireless signal with a wireless device only, and if necessary, adjusting the wireless network settings. The users accept that it is not the intention of the helpdesk to offer more extensive services. this wifi hotspot is not in any way liable for any damage, whatever the cause or nature of that damage, which the user may incur using the helpdesk or this wifi hotspot  network in general, whether it be to his/her computer, his/her documents or files on his/her computer.

Intellectual rights :

The contents of this wifi hotspot websites are protected at all times by the applicable intellectual rights (brands, copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc…). Using, copying, translating, editing, modifying or distributing the entire site or part thereof in any way, shape or form is prohibited, unless prior written consent has been obtained from this wifi hotspot.  Any breach of such intellectual rights can lead to civil or criminal prosecution. The users of this wifi hotspot network explicitly commit themselves to respect the intellectual rights of this wifi hotspot and third parties. This wifi hotspot reserves the right to take action as it sees fit and to take all measures it deems suitable to stop or prevent breaches of its intellectual rights or those of third parties, without the possibility of them being held liable as a result of these initiatives, regardless the reason.

Commitment of the user :

As a user of this wifi hotspot network you commit yourself to not distributing illegal content via this wifi hotspot network infrastructure or web site.
Please note that unless specifically requested (and paid for) the system will allow only one device to be connected at one time on your username and password.
If you buy a 2nd connection (or more)  at a reduced price this is for your use only and not to be ‘sold’ on to other residents or visitors at the keyworker accommodation you are at.

Users must ensure that when they purchase a subscription for the system, the subscription is fit for their purposes, and they are aware and agree that INS will not provide refunds under any circumstances.