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Fast, cheap WiFi connectivity to your accommodation.

Managed installation of WiFi networks for your key worker accommodation.

INS provides WiFi services for keyworker accommodation at various sites around the UK. This is done by installing a number of internet lines with superfast broadband, or by using a leased line, with a router installed that load-balances the bandwidth available.  INS then installs the various access points that the keyworkers can connect to.

INS does not charge you, the accommodation management company for installation of the system, only requiring an exclusivity contract that states that no other company may install a WiFi access system for the keyworkers living in the accommodation. INS recovers the cost of the installation by charging the users of the system for access to the WiFi network. INS manages the system completely, so in the event of a customer encountering a problem with the system, the customer will speak to us directly and we will resolve the problem. INS recognises that long term customers may wish to install their own phone lines, and this does not interfere with the exclusivity contract between INS and you, the accommodation management, provided that the installation of these phone lines do not serve multiple users.

In order to use the WiFi network, users connect to the access point nearest to their accommodation, whereby they open their browser, and are redirected to the login portal, where they enter a username and password to register or log in.

If the users ‘Click to register’, they are then directed to choose a contract length (contract lengths are normally 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days) and the number of simultaneous logins with that account they wish for (usually 1, 2 or 3 simultaneous logins). These contract lengths and the number of simultaneous logins are adjustable, for example at one site there is a 2 hours access login available. The users then pay online via through their choice of PayPal, debit or credit card, and details for bank transfers can be provided.  Once the user has paid, they are able to login, and they gain Wi-Fi access for the contract length chosen.

INS asks that any marketing material sent to the accommodation is displayed or distributed as requested, and any notices from INS about the state of the network are to be promoted.

The WiFi network system is already active and working well at a list of hospital keyworker accommodation sites:- Airedale general hospital, Arrowe Park hospital, Countess of Chester hospital, Wythenshawe hospital, Epsom hospital, Royal Derby hospital, King’s Mill hospital, Nottingham City hospital and Princess Alexander hospital trust. INS would be happy to pass on contact information for to these hospitals so you can ask them any questions about how great the INS service is.