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Managed internet connectivity for you. Made easy.

We select the best speed, cost and reliability options for any geographical location. We can provide a fully managed, wires-only, self-install or an engineered full installation dependent on your needs. We provide the latest Broadband products which give up to 76Mbps download speeds. Connection to the Internet is critical to your business operation and at INS we understand that, because that is our core business.

As we are independent of all bandwidth providers we can offer our customers a solution that truly meets their needs. We review your requirements and then recommend a solution that will meet both your commercial and technical needs. We can even provide multiple ADSL connections into the same location and “Bond” them together, for more information please see: Bonded ADSL.

Should you require it, once installed we can monitor your internet connection remotely and provide you with information about usage of your connection. We operate a business day telephone help desk, and we answer your calls! We can also provide an on-site installation and support service if required. We also provide a range of additional business internet services such as email, hosting and web design.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and SDSL (Symmetric Subscriber Digital Subscriber Line) are the two major groups when it comes to broadband internet connections. The most major difference between these two groups is in how much bandwidth they allocate to the user. Since SDSL is symmetric. It offers equal download and upload speeds to the user while, although the download speed is also very high for ADSL, the upload speed can be significantly slower. Some people, especially those who upload videos or other content, may prefer the high upload bandwidth of SDSL, but for most people, ADSL provides sufficient upload speed since we download much more information than we upload while browsing the internet, watching videos, and downloading files.

The speed achieved will depend upon the broadband provider, however the general factors affecting broadband speed is the quality of the cabling in the ground over which the connection is routed and the distance of the end user from the telephone exchange. However most Broadband providers limit ADSL connections to an upload speed of around 750Kbit/s irrespective of the download speed. But with SDSL you will be given an upload and download speed which is the same.

Email communication means that users no longer consider the size of any files they are emailing to outside users. Slow upload speeds mean that these files can take a prolonged period to upload to the web and in doing so will then slow down all users on the connection. This makes SDSL the perfect solution for businesses that utilise Cloud services and need to upload larger files to the Cloud.

Should you have a business in an area where Broadband connectivity is poor, fear not, for INS have a number of cost effective options to connect you to the internet such as leased lines, point to point radio and bonded ADSL.