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Point-to-Point radio

Internet without long wires.

Where existing leased line or DSL connections are expensive or inadequate, point-to-point radio links can give great performance in a highly cost effective way. We work with a number of radio equipment manufacturers at various radio frequencies dependent on link distance and terrain.

INS can provide up to 1Gb/s LAN-to-LAN Connectivity, with proven 5-9s Availability.

Point to Point Microwave has been the connectivity choice for Telecom carriers, corporate organisations and Government authorities for many of years. Point to Point Radio offers high speeds, high availability over large connection distances, it can be relied upon to carry voice and data traffic in a number of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as:

  • Connecting locations that are unavailable or in poor Broadband areas
  • Private data Networks (WANs, LANs, etc.)
  • Utility Networks (Railways, Pipelines, etc.)
  • Last Mile access for Corporate, SMEs and Local Government
  • Connecting buildings and facilities over large distances

Point to Point links are absolutely transparent, acting as an extension of the Ethernet backbone or segment. Licensed Microwave is fully compatible with the Ethernet standard, and supports all Ethernet functionality and applications.

Microwave links have the benefit of exclusive bandwidth, dedicated for your use, with ensured connectivity over the distance you actually need – up to the horizon

INS work with trusted leading manufacturers to ensure your radio links are reliable. As a leading installer of point to point Radio Links, INS provides a desk survey, site survey, installation and support service to ensure the links perform to Telco grade standards and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, in general weather conditions are not a problem, however extreme downpours of rain can affect transmission speeds temporarily.

The distance limitation depends upon the frequency used and the line of sight between the two points of the link. However the longer the distance the lower the throughput of the data.