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Vehicle WiFi

WiFi connectivity on the move.

INS provide an internet access solution for vehicles on the move. The service is suitable for buses, coaches, taxis, limos and private hire vehicles, or anyone requiring WIFI in a moving vehicle and can provide;

  • Hot Spot WIFI Access for Passengers
  • GPS-enabled web-based vehicle tracking
  • In vehicle real time remote CCTV monitoring
  • A stored amount of home page information for advertising etc.

This allows for vehicle operators to provide an enhanced service to passengers and earn additional revenue through passenger WIFI access and on board geographically targeted advertising. INS is a Solutions Partner for Icomera AB, the world’s leading provider of cellular broadband gateways delivering Internet connectivity for passenger transport, public safety and enterprise applications.

The service is provided via a router type device installed in the vehicle which connects the users to the internet via a standard WIFI connection. The connection to the internet is provided via a number of mobile telephone 3G or 4G SIM cards.

The download speed will depend upon the download speed of the mobile (3G/4G) network.

Frequently Asked Questions

The coverage available will depend upon the mobile network coverage on the SIM cards internet connection.

The download speed available will depend upon the mobile network SIM cards internet connection.