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WiFi and WiMax

Close range internet connectivity for you.

In today’s modern mobile environment WIFI has become the expected norm for users to connect to the internet using a variety of devices from Laptop computers to smartphones and tablets. WIFI is used devices over relatively short ranges.

WIMAX is a similar technology, however that allows users to connect over much larger distances, such as across a city or even across a whole country.

INS has extensive experience in providing these systems and we can plan, install and manage your private or public WIFI / WIMAX network. Additionally should you wish to provide a commercial WIFI service INS can also utilise a range of billing and charging methods and systems to suit the end-user.

We can deploy both public and private access wireless systems for a wide variety of applications including campus sites, business parks, hotels, key worker accommodation and caravan parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If they are set up correctly, a WIFI connection is extremely secure, requiring users to enter a username and password to connect.