The Heath Technical Park Runcorn,

Deleting your wireless networks

Go to “Wireless Network Connection” (Control Panel>Network Connections>Right click on Wireless Network Connection and choose “View available wireless networks”)

On the left go to “Change advanced settings.” Click on the tab Wireless Networks. Then there should be a “Preferred Networks” list. You can add, remove, and edit the entries in this list.

Resetting ALL wireless setting and networks

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network – This will reset all network settings and will remove all previous stored Wifi settings and Keys etc

Check your DNS and IP address settings

Click Start, click Control Panel then small icons from top right hand side, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.

Right-click the network connection that you want to configure, and then click Properties.

On the General tab (for a local area connection), or the Networking tab (for all other connections), click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP v4), and then click Properties.

you want to click Obtain DNS server address automatically and also Obtain IP address automatically.

To check your computer settings

Go to the start menu and select Run…. Then type cmd in the box and click OK

This opens up a black screen

After the  C:\> type ipconfig  Then press Enter. Your IPv4 address, subnet mask and default gateway information should be returned to you.

If you could let us know what your IP address if you are still unable to connect that would be helpful.

Check your gateway and DNS settings from this list and advise us what that is if you are still having problems connecting.

Proxy settings

Click on your internet browser and bring up the settings icon – Pick connections tab then from there pick lan settings and check there are no proxy settings.

Turn off Firewall

Go to the control panel and change from category to small icons on the right hand side.  Go to Windows firewall – double click and on left hand side of page pick turn windows firewall on or off – turn all options off (just do this to test once you have tested go back in and turn them back on otherwise your pc may be unprotected).