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Help if you are having trouble connecting to the wireless service


Ensure that all hardware and software switches for the 802.11-capable radio on your device are turned ON.

Make sure that your wireless network settings are set to receive DHCP offers for both network settings and DNS settings.

Make sure that you do not have any proxy server setting on the local connection under  your browser options (sometimes inherited from a previous connection to a corporate network)

Search for the strongest signal device in your locality and connect to it – if there is a warning that you are connecting to an unsecured network, accept the offer anyway.

Once you are connected, the action of opening a browser and requesting a web page will trigger a request for your username and password or an offer for you to buy the service. If you have no home page set, then the offer will not appear – type any web address into the http:// address bar to activate the page.

If you have previously connected incorrectly it may help to “forget” the network from the saved list under your devices network controls and begin again from scratch.