The Heath Technical Park Runcorn,

About INS

A company with heart

A communications and IT provider based in Runcorn offering integrated networking solutions.

A bit about us

INS are based in Runcorn by the Mersey river, and manage the various networks including VoIP and internet of the Heath business park, as well as having contracts with many companies nation-wide.

Here at INS we specialise in all aspects of business IT from providing network connectivity to the providing of telephony and IT support and beyond, and we aim to have a keen understanding about how any services we provide will impact the business, to always make certain that the customer will reap the benefits from the systems they have installed by us.

We are independent of equipment vendors and network operators and pride ourselves in taking a practical, no-nonsense approach to the implementation of new technologies.

The scope of our knowledge

The design of our networking solutions ensure that only the solutions which will make a real difference to organisation will be delivered, ensuring positive feedback following installation.

Our staff at INS have extensive hands-on experience of a wide range of supporting communications technologies including IT software and systems, voice and data communications, the internet and web based services. INS delivers services and solutions to over 200 customers covering both private and public sector organisations.

With the scope of our knowledge of our products and of other technologies, INS is unique in its ability to be your single contact for your business communication needs.

We are the right fit for you

What do we believe we offer our customers?

  • A strong relationship with you, the customer.
  • Cost effective solutions to problems.
  • The ability to focus on your business and not your IT.
  • Peace of mind, protection and security.
  • Plain conversations with you (meaning no unnecessary technical jargon!)
  • A flexible and honest approach to solving your problems, with an emphasis on us working closely together to ensure your solution is right for you.

What are our philosophies of customer care?

  • To make sure we understand how important your technology solutions are for you.
  • Create bespoke solutions when the need arises, as we don’t agree with the one size fits all approach to solving problems.
  • To aim to deliver real benefits which improve your productivity and profitability.