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Case Studies

INS is involved with multiple companies, and always aims to provide high quality services as standard.

Geoffrey Hunt & Partners

Integrated Network Services ltd (INS) provides Geoffrey Hunt and Partners (GHP) with Broadband connectivity and hosted Microsoft IT services that allows us to operate our business efficiently and easily. Research and communication using IT and internet is crucial to our business. We have been a customer of INS for many years and find them always responsive and determined to help when we have a problem; they get us back up and running when it matters in a timely fashion. The INS service has always been very reliable and we found them easy to work with, which is important since IT is not our core business.

Auger Torque

Auger Torque is a worldwide company with offices in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France and Germany. Their UK headquarters is based outside Cheltenham.

Auger Torque provides earth working and drilling machinery around the world, the ability to communicate to their offices around the world is essential, however their Cheltenham, UK location was in area where internet connectivity was very poor. Fixed line suppliers were unable to provide a solution to meet their requirements in either speed or cost of ownership terms.

Integrated Network Services Ltd reviewed their requirements and provided a point to point radio link to a nearby communications tower and from there provided a dedicated link to the internet.

This cost effective solution has proved a great success and proves the reliability, cost effectiveness of this INS product range.

Alistair Brydon of Auger Torque says “INS resolved our challenging high-speed internet issues which other suppliers, despite initial promises, were unable to help with. Their tenacious approach resulted in an effective, reliable solution which has greatly improved the communications and team-working in our global business”

Frontis Housing Group

Frontis Housing Group manages the key worker accommodation at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust. The accommodation is spread across 5 buildings in the grounds of the hospital and accommodates up to 142 people.

There was no broadband internet connectivity available for these workers. Integrated Network Services Ltd (INS) approached Frontis Housing to provide Internet connectivity over Wi-Fi into this key workers accommodation. The solution means that the key workers, a proportion of which are from overseas are able to use the internet for applications such as Face book, Skype and Email. With more and more activities being dependant on people being on line these Key Workers were becoming increasing isolated.

INS provided the Wi-Fi infrastructure, using as a Bonded ADSL solution, at no cost to Frontis Housing and charges the users a fee for use of the system. The Wi-Fi service covers all of the 5 buildings and full support is given to the users and the service has an excellent availability record. INS operates a help desk to guide users through their set up and any ongoing problems. The main problem said Debbie Roberts of Frontis housing, “is users forgetting their password”. Adding that the service is great from her perspective as that “all we have to provide is a little bit of electricity” she says.

SOG Limited

“INS Limited were initially appointed as our IT Desktop Support provider in 2010. Due to an excellent and prompt level of support service we have extended the range of services provided by INS to include broadband connectivity and VOIP telephony provision and ongoing support services. Their response to issues arising is excellent and they form an essential part of the team providing a wider range of services to the companies resident at the Heath Business and Technical Park.”