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Safety you can see.

INS uses the highest quality CCTV equipment to provide extensive coverage of your business’ site. We have operators trained in MEWP (mobile elevated work platform) usage, allowing INS to reach the highest point of your site in order to safely install your new CCTV, meaning it is out of harms way from accidental and malicious disruption.

INS can provide the cabling and necessary set up to get the network up and running. Due to the use of fibre optic cable, we can set up cameras in far away areas of your site but still have the control point be at a single point, meaning security staff can view the whole site from one or more screen.

INS uses the sophisticated software recommended by the camera manufacturers that is very intuitive, allowing the least technology savvy people to easily use the system, meaning there is very little training needed for the system.

If security of the system is a worry, INS can install the computer that controls the cameras in a secure location, and set up a computer where the cameras would actually be viewed from with passwords and the ability to remotely access the cameras.

Advanced CCTV installations

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