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Connection errors for hospital WiFi

Various fixes for common "certificate error" problems

If you are encountering problems with proceeding to the login or register pages for hospital accommodation WiFi, but you have successfully connected to the WiFi access point, please see below.

If you are having trouble connecting to the access point, please see this page.

Please click the option below that best suits your problem:

You have just finished paying for an account and have left the PayPal website, and you have been directed to this page:

You did not log into the network yet, and so you click the link “click here to login”. If the page went white and did not load after clicking it, you have not logged in yet.

You should try reloading the page (press the F5 button on your keyboard).

If that did not work, disconnect and reconnect to the network, in order to bring up the login/register page.

You have an account with us, but have been logged out of it due to inactivity.

Upon loading the login/register page, you are met with a warning about the site’s security.

The site is secure, and all security is still active on the network.

You need to find a way to proceed onto the login/register page.

You will find screenshots of the buttons that you need to press to proceed past the warning below. Please find the section that is relevant to your internet browser. The buttons to be pressed have red arrows pointing to them.

Microsoft internet explorer (on all Windows computers)

Microsoft Edge (on all Windows 10 computers)

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Opera Browser

Safari Browser (on MacOS computers)

We don’t have a picture of the error on the Safari browser. If you have an image for it, please send it in to us by email so that we can add it here.

The browser should have much the same buttons as the ones above, and so you should be able to click to get past it.

Other browsers

If you have another browser and get this error, we would be very appreciative if you send a screenshot of it to us by email, so that we can add it to this page for other struggling users.

If you have other problems, please email us a description of the problem so that we may sort it and add it to this page.